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Picnic with the Goats: A delightful Day on the Mini Farm

Even though the weather forecast predicted some rain, Grumpy Old Goat and I decided not to cancel our much-anticipated Picnic with the Goats. We and our goats eagerly look forward to visiting with you all, plus we felt everyone needed a fun, relaxing time on the Mini Farm.

As it turned out, the weather was mostly perfect—pleasantly warm with a gentle breeze. While we set up the tents, Mon Cheri and Anna took it upon themselves to test the blankets, ensuring they were perfectly comfortable for everyone to enjoy.

As our community started to arrive, the goats were on a mission to teach the youngest of the herd, Hans, Gretel, and Bon Bon the essential rules of the picnic: snuggles, snuggles, and more snuggles, with some food in between before getting back to more snuggles. I must say, the little ones did an amazing job!

Even Dior (bottom right picture) made a friend that was her size. You can just see how she says: “Hey little buddy, you are just my size”. 

Young and old had a blast visiting and spending time with the Goats.

ready set go
the team
hello little buddy

Even though the day was all about the Picnic, our amazing customers couldn’t resist shopping for all their skin care needs in our Mini Farm store. They packed their shopping bags full of our handcrafted Goat Milk Skin Care Products, making sure to stock up on the goodies that keep them glowing. It was a day of snuggles, shopping, and smiles!

shopping delight

We even had a surprise visit from our local newspaper,  (picture above) the Times Picayune, who showed up to interview the goats and Grumpy Old Goat about the picnic. The goats understood their task and put on a fantastic show for the camera. Please click link below to see all the pictures of the Goats.

If you missed this picnic and want to join us for the next one, click the links below and mark it on your calendar.

Please comment and share this post to help others find and read about our Mini Goat Farm Picnic with the Goats in June 2024!

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