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Who We Are?

Our Mission

Cajun Corral Farm began in 2012 with two goats, Beaudreaux and Thibedaux. As our herd grew, so did the number of Kids, leading to an abundance of raw goat milk. In 2014, we established our skin care business with a clear mission: to provide handmade, alcohol-free, and chemical-free Goat Milk Skin Care Products at a reasonable price.

Over the years, the business expanded further after I became certified in herbalism. We began growing our own medicinal herbs, creating tinctures, infused oils, salves, butters, and sprays to enhance our product line and support holistic health.

Cajun Corral Farm
Sassy Goat
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Our Reason

Passionate about quality skincare from my German roots, I faced a challenge upon moving to the US (in 1992) – the absence of the products my skin loved. The struggle led me to a solution: crafting Goat Milk Soap using the rich milk from our farm. Initially, it was a personal remedy to combat hives, itchy skin and breakouts. Little did I know, the transformation in my skin caught the attention of friends and neighbors. Inquiries about my secret led to the birth of a new chapter – sharing my handmade skincare solutions. Now, each product is a testament to the radiant, healthy skin we all deserve. Welcome to my journey of self-discovery and skincare excellence! #SkincareJourney #GoatMilkSoap #PassionProject

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