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My Exciting Interview at Fox 8 News Station

Arriving Early at the News Station

I had the thrilling experience of being interviewed at Fox 8 News Station about the various community programs we offer on our Mini Farm. Arriving an hour early, I got to take in the hustle and bustle backstage. The room where the producers sit, surrounded by at least 100 TV screens, was awe-inspiring. I watched news casters coming in and out of different stage rooms and even had the pleasure of meeting some of them.

Meeting the Host

At around 10:45 am, it was my turn. Shelby from Fox 8, who had previously shared her new interest in homesteading and gardening with me, conducted the interview. Knowing her personal interest made our conversation so much more enjoyable.

Ready, Set, Action

I spoke about how Grumpy Old Goat and I noticed a growing interest from our visitors during our Picnic with the Goats and Yoga with the Goats events. This led us to eagerly launch the Harvest Haven Homesteading Workshop monthly series this year. During these workshops, we’ve been teaching and learning how to grow vegetables using companion gardening and electro gardening techniques. We’re now at the exciting point of harvesting our vegetables and fruits.

I must say .....

The interview was a fantastic opportunity to share our passion for homesteading and community building. I’m grateful for the chance to highlight how our programs are making a positive impact and bringing people together.

With Best Regards,

Sandra – the Goat Lady –

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